Birding Basics

Birder Skills:

With more than 450 bird species currently on the BirdWatch Ireland's list, it is very easy to understand why beginner bird watchers might feel overwhelmed or better still, challenged.

Be patient. Allow yourself time and plenty of practice. Refer to the Bird Books listed in the Reference Guide. Don't be afraid to consult with your local BirdWatch Ireland Group as these have many birdwatching trips organised at various locations all year round. Become a member of BirdWatchIreland and receive the Wings quarterly membership magazine packed with beautiful photos of birds from all over Ireland, news items and articles.

Getting Started:

The best way to get started is to learn how to quickly recognise what group the bird belongs to. Becoming familiar with the general size & shape, colour & behaviour of birds and knowing what kind of birds are likely to be seen in different environments and the time of year is key to identification. Keep a notebook with you to record exactly what you saw and where. Don't rely on memory!

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Competitions & Exhibitions

News & Events

Congratulations to ALL students who entered this photo competition. All photos were superb and most interesting. The Winners are....
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