As the tree sways back and forth


  By Marianne, ScoilNaomhAingeal

As the tree sways back and forth,

 Running water flows and gently tips the water’s surface.

 Chirping, majestic birds recite lullabies

 To announce the new dawn.

 Croaking, hoarse frogs and toads hop freely from lily pad to pond,

 awakening the new day.

 Enthralling and magical blossoms

 Sprout, breaking into a cluster

Of multicolour as the bright sunlight

Streams its golden rays onto the delicate petals.

Water splashes to and fro, 

Against the hot, hard rocks,

 Bursting with life below.

 Shades of yellow, olive, jade and crimson

 Are touched ever so lightly by the glimmer

 Of shining light- pierced through

 The canopy. The forest is energetic and free.

  As the tree sways back and forth,

 It tells a story of this forest.