Nature’s Awe

By Julianna, ScoilNaomhAingeal.


I wonder and awe, I amble through the forest,

A long, wonderous and beautiful path awaiting me,

My only purpose being to see its beauty….


Tall, enchanting magestical tree’s gazing down below,

All knowing and aware of my radiant lives,Yet never to be told.

Sorrow’s, joys, hopes and dream’s, All to remain a secret.


I catch a glimpse of the canopy, Which soars above my head,

Emeralds, olives limes and jades, All moistened by lone droplets.


Scarlet’s, amber’s and pieces of gold, form flowers upon the ground.

Emerald’s dance together, making no swirling sounds.

Sapphires and Amethyst’s drift gently in the air,

Attached to soaring tree’s, In this jewel filled wonder,

Oh, I am so free.


Luscious, dew-filled wonders,

Caressing my bare feet,

The sound of a thrashing waterfall,

Distant yet not meek.


The beauty that is nature,

Can be found anywhere,

Just ramble through a forest,

And be sure to stand and stare….