The Bear - a Great Big Friend

 The Bear, a Great Big Friend


Coal dark black eyes watch me,

And all I can do is stare back,

Not a single weapon for bearing,

From the bag on the back of my back.


Soft caramel fur,

Swayed gently by the wind,

Adding to the beauty,

Of this massive dangerous creature.


An eerie silence hangs,

As I gaze upon his claws,

Great, long and cream,

He stares directly at me,

His big round eyes, expressionless.


He takes one step towards me,

And my terror soars above,

For a single move of this creature,

I shall surely not survive.


However I remember,

My original love of risks,

And out comes my trembling hand,

As I wait silently.

His great black nose,

Takes one great sniff,

His eyes begin to soften,

Something gentle begins to lap my skin.


I smile and drop upon my knees,

And he comes closer still,

A great big bear,

He once did seem,

But now, a great big friend.



                                          By Julianna