The Seed


I wonder why pirates bury their treasure, for what worth is unseen beauty?

 A wonder of riches cast beneath the cold ground, becomes a mundane sight.

One must nurture as one has been nurtured, after all.


I bought a seed, a seed for me, 

So a flower, I could show.

I sow the seed and to God I plead,

‘Dear lord, let this seed grow.’


And the seed was sown. A tulip, to my memory’s best.  I dreamed of a grandiose tower of yellow light, stalked in the gardens like a king on his throne. Alas, beauty must be earned.  And so I learned as time went by, after time, and time again. 


The seed was small, the dream was big,

I was a slave to my growing desire.

Soon I could say ‘That tulip is mine!’

As the people would stand and admire.


I told my peers and foes alike,

Alas, no envy did they show. 

Other’s interest was little, but my heart was big!

I WOULD make this seed grow!


The first snow fell in November late,

As I watched my patch of ground

Covered by the sheet of rich, white snow.  

That crushed my love, newly found.



My aspiration was crushed so cruel,

By a routine pass of time.

But I knew it would not survive the cold.

For winter was at it’s prime.


I loved this seed from it’s purchase date,

I loved all it would come to be.

Alas, the day it became a beautiful tulip,

Was a day I would never see.


I bought a seed, a seed for me,

And prayed for it to grow.

My young and foolish heart said “Yes!”

But mother nature’s answer,


Was no.


Conor McGowan 2015