The Travelling Rabbit

 The Travelling Rabbit


It hops along the forest path,

As innocent as can be,

However this magical path remains,

Hidden by blossoming trees.


Secret gardens, fresh waterfalls,

Alongside wise, old trees,

All of these bear wonders,

Unknown to you and me.


I gaze upon its splendid white fur,

Fluffy, bright and clean,

Bearing one single brown patch,

Chocolate as it gleams.


Its baby pink ears,

Delicate yet intent,

And glassy emerald eyes,

Bear a powerful stare.


The little I have seen,

Of wonder revealed to me,

I saw because I realised,

I stood beneath it all.


Jewel filled forestry,

Decorated by scarlet’s,

Dancing emeralds,

And floating amethysts.


Thrashing springs,

Bright and clear,

Crystals and sapphires,

Lapping near.


So as I watch this rabbit hop,

Along this secret path,

I catch its gaze and follow,

Yet again for a wondrous tale…



                                          By Julianna